Internet Marketing

Web Design Trends

Biggest Web Design Trends in 2021

Web Design is still about enticing all our senses but before you spend thousands of dollars to spark an emotion on that flashy website be sure you focus on your message with simple and basics ideas that work as your foundation. Flashy is not always better but is sure looks good. Give me the scoop… read more...

on 14 July, 2021
SEO Marketing Campaigns

What to look for in an SEO Proposal

Read The Fine Print So you decide to finally start working with an SEO partner and you are about to sign on the dotted line. Do you know what to look for in an SEO proposal?  Be aware that most SEO proposal does not cover the additional budget of running a Pay Per Click campaigns.… read more...

on 24 May, 2021
seo partner

Are SEO partners worth it?

Running a business is stressful enough so trying to run a business and a successful marketing campaign to drive more traffic to your website is double stressful. Work Smart  Hire a reputable result driven SEO partner to help mange your digital marketing campaigns. Who's Buying! Organic internet searches are still responsible in driving traffic to… read more...

on 18 May, 2021

Digital Marketing 101

Location, Location, Location is not just for a great real-estate deal! What is digital marketing and why is it important?  Digital marketing is new way to advertise your online presence no mater what landscape you choose. Facebook, Google, Instagram and most social platforms have a marketing product line that you can take advantage of and… read more...

Secrets of Successes

Just do something a little bit more everyday towards your goal. Consistency is the secret of reaching your goals. If you consistently do nothing then your goal is not to succeed. read more...

on 25 April, 2021