Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

Location, Location, Location is not just for a great real-estate deal!

What is digital marketing and why is it important? 

Digital marketing is new way to advertise your online presence no mater what landscape you choose.

Facebook, Google, Instagram and most social platforms have a marketing product line that you can take advantage of and grow your customer base or send target marketing campaigns to reach anyone with a digital device including cell phones and desktop computers.

Depending on your skill  level and with a little patience you can learn how to create your own marketing campaign directly on Facebook , Instagram or Google.

Here are a few points to remember when you start your marketing campaign

You got to have goals!

The first step on most platforms is to know what goals you are trying to reach on each campaign.  Are you looking to get more eyes on your online store? are you looking to get more phone calls? Are you looking to get more in store traffic? Or maybe you want it all.

The world is yours!

Next step is to understand where your customers live. Can you support a global campaign or should you start local and target your local town, city or state. Depending on the size of your marketing budget will determine your size campaign and if your new in the business its always best to start small and work out the kinks before you expand.

What’s your message?

Now it getting serious. What can you say in a few short sentences to describe what product or service your offering.

Get ready set GO!

Once you have the above worked out your ready to set your budget and go live!

To help you get started here are the direct links on how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram and Google 

You cant handle the Truth!

Don’t be disappointed if your first marketing campaign does not give you the results you were looking for. Its important to learn from each campaign and learn what did not work and what did.  If your selling t-shirts that only fits one particular size your camping should be targeted to that audience. Are you selling T-shirts in a cold region versus a warmer one. If your selling rubber boots did you target that campaign to a drier region versus wetter one? Get the picture? The better you know your audience and what they are looking for the better the target campaign will work.


I want more!

Here are a few types of Digital Marketing platforms to get you started

  • SEO
    • Search Engine Optimization is when your online content has been created in the proper format so your site can be picked up naturally from online search engines. Its important to follow the SEO rules or you can have your site delisted or drop in the ratings. Be sure to work with someone who has the expertise to help you get your content off to the SEO races.
  • Social media marketing
    • This is targeted marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Paid search
    • This is where you pay platforms like Bing, Google to place ads for a price but you only pay if someone clicks on that ad. Most of the time the higher your PPC budget the higher or longer your campaign will run.
  • Email marketing
    • If you all ready have a customer list or your paid for a customer list you can then work with several email marketing companies and target ad campaigns to your customers email inbox.

Have no fear GNAglobalservice is here!

If it seems overwhelming your not alone and that’s why some outsource their digital marketing campaigns to professional Digital marketing service companies.

GNAglobalservice  works with the best and brightest in the business and we can help you  with all of your digital marketing campaigns.






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