Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will never sell your data.

GNAglobalservice respects the privacy of our users. This privacy policy explains how we collect, process, use, disclose, and safeguard your information when you visit ( or our mobile application, if any, including any other media channel/s related to us.


This privacy policy and terms of use govern your access to our website, our partners’ platforms, our affiliate programs, if any, and/or any future promotional programs that GNAglobalservice may wish to produce. If you do not find yourself comfortable with the privacy policy or terms of use, you may wish not to access our website or any of our affiliate programs. GNAglobalservice reserves the right to edit, remove, enhance, change, or completely revise this privacy policy or terms of use, any time, without any prior notice; however, we will be informing you about the latest updates in the “Last Update” section.


You are encouraged to thoroughly review this privacy policy and terms of use in order to understand the processes at GNAglobalservice and avoid any inconvenience.


Collection of Information


We may collect your information in a variety of ways. Information that we may collect at GNAglobalservice may be in the form of:


1.Personal Data


We may collect your personal information such as your name, email address, your age, gender, shipping address, and telephone number. We will never disclose your personal information to anyone on our website or to a third-party organization. We value your privacy


2.Derivative Data


Such information is automatically collected by our servers when you visit our website, such as your IP address, your browser type, your operating system, pages you have viewed at GNAglobalservice, and your access duration and time.


3.Financial Data



We may collect information about your payment resources such as credit or debit cards, card number, card brand, and its expiry date. We may collect such data when you purchase, return or make any other type of payment at GNAglobalsrvice.


4.Facebook Permission



GNAglobalservice (and our mobile application if we may have) may be by default seek access to your Facebook ‘public information’ such as your name, a city you are currently living in, your birthday, any event that is upcoming and you chose to make it public, your friend list, and your check-ins. You may choose to grant or deny us access to the mentioned information. For further understanding of the Facebook permissions, read reference here.


5.Data From Social Networks



Users’ information from Social Network sites such as Facebook and its sister sites excluding WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, can be extracted if you choose to connect your account with those social media platforms.


6.Mobile Device Data



We may also collect information about your mobile devices such as the name and model of the mobile, its brand, manufacturer of the mobile, and location of your mobile if access our website through your mobile.


7.Third-Party Data


If you connect your account on our website to a third party and grant us access to collect the data, we may collect the account data, personal information, and friend list.


8.& Mobile Application Information


If you access using our mobile application (if we may have, we may collect your location, Mobile device you are accessing our application from, Mobile Device Data, and IP Address.


9.Use your Information


The information we collect about our customers/visitors is used to make our services and reaching to people better. The great experience on our website, GNAglobalservice, depends upon the information we have about our visitors to make their stay with us better. Be aware we will never disclose your personal information such as your name, your ID or credit card information, or any other data relevant to you until it is necessary such as;


If it is necessary and we are compelled by law enforcement agencies with a proper warrant to save the people from some greater accident/tragedy.


1. We may use your information to deliver accurate, relevant, and target advertisements

2. Enable user-to-user communication

3. To fulfill and manage your orders/purchases and payment issues/processes

4. When we have to create a personal profile for you to have a better experience 

5. When we offer new products, services, or promotional campaigns

6. When we perform other relevant business activities 

7. When we process payment requests

8. When we may send you a newsletter

9. When we email you about your order/delivery/or cancellation 

10. And when we request you for feedback