User Experience driving Wed Design and Application Development

UX Experience

User Experience driving Wed Design and Application Development

User Experience (UX) is the buzz word that drives customer satisfaction. Website Design and application development has to be driven by user experience in order to have a successful product. Fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars on focus groups to help drive a successful product as well as to help lower the overall cost by keeping the customer happy and engaged by ensuring the customer gets what they want as quickly as possible.

Follow the Science.

Most designs to enhance the user experience as well as to help lower your overall cost for a Website and Web Applications are based on the psychology of the user.  The ideas to keep in mind when building a product are:

  • How it looks and how it works are just as important as to what they are looking for.
  • Are the colors appealing to the eye?
  • Is the site intuitive to navigate to provide the answers your customer is looking for in a short amount of time?
    • The easier it is for the user to navigate around your website or application the better the customer experience they will have. And a happy customer can help lower your cost customer acquisition cost simply by helping promote their experience with other users.

The Secret Sauce

Your success leveraging User Experience in Web application development will be based on how well you know your customer and why they are coming to you for answers. The quicker you can decipher your customer needs to provide them the answer or product they are looking for the higher the engagement and customer loyalty.

  • Know your customer.
  • Know what they want.
  • Know how they want it.
  • Know how they will be engaging with you.
  • Make it easy!
  • Make it fun!
  • Make it stress free.

They way you can achieve the above is by continuing to review your customer experience any chance you get.

on 24 June, 2021

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