Biggest Web Design Trends in 2021

Web Design Trends

Biggest Web Design Trends in 2021

Web Design is still about enticing all our senses but before you spend thousands of dollars to spark an emotion on that flashy website be sure you focus on your message with simple and basics ideas that work as your foundation. Flashy is not always better but is sure looks good.

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This year’s biggest web design trends must meet a few criterias:

Music 3D Animation Retro Fonts

  • Parallax transitions
  • Dark Mode H3


Introducing music or sound to your web site will spark positive emotions from your user to open their minds to whatever product or service you are trying to sell. Music can lead to the release of dopamine by neurotransmitters that associates itself with reward and best of all listening to music is a good way to alter your mood and help to relive stress.

3D Animation

3D Animations has become very popular thanks to more user gaining access to better 3D software that makes it easy to design for the average user. What would you use 3D animation for you ask? You need to be creative but some companies use it to animate Public Speaking depending on your audience. Advertise your company mascot or create your own avatar to connect your brand with your user base.

Retro Fonts

What are retro fonts? They are fonts that are associated with the past and can spark good memories of a simpler time. Retro fonts can establish or enhance your business idenity and become a focal point of your website. It can be used to create contrast and make your message stand out but be sure it can be seen on all devices.Bold fonts are very effective and can be stunning at times.

Parallax Transition

Parallax Transition or scrolling is the effect of which the speed of the scroll can produce an overall effect or visual experience for you users. But you must keep it to a minimal since overuse of the effect will distract your user from the main focus of your website. Some points to remember: Keep it simple. Keep it restricted to a certain area and always focus on your message.

Dark Mode Design

Dark mode is simple restricting your color scheme to a limited number of colors but its usually starts with a dark background with a bold color font. You want try it in different light so you can be sure it will not fade out in the most common light levels. Be sure you review your font sizes and color, so it stands out in your new design.

Micro Animation for Ecommerce sites:

One of the current web design trend is using the micro animations to level up the user experience and give shoppers a good feel for the site and their products.If you run a e-commerce site! then having a SSL Certificate should be your number one priority in 2021.

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on 14 July, 2021

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