What to look for in an SEO Proposal

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What to look for in an SEO Proposal

Read The Fine Print

So you decide to finally start working with an SEO partner and you are about to sign on the dotted line. Do you know what to look for in an SEO proposal?  Be aware that most SEO proposal does not cover the additional budget of running a Pay Per Click campaigns. This next blog is to help give you ideas and hopefully some insight on what to look out for.

Every SEO proposal must clearly state what your goals are for your SEO campaign

As an example:

  • Optimize your website to increase traffic, conversion rate, and better overall user experience
  • Improve ranking on targeted keyword searches
  • Increase customer leads for either instore, online lead generation, or overall increase revenue through the SEO service

Now It’s Getting Serious! 

  • It should help you create optimized product pages associated with user keyword searches and patterns so maximum ranking & traffic benefits can be achieved
  • It should help optimize and increase conversion rates on landing pages so
    sales/ranking and traffic can improve
  • Recommend any improvements on bugs and page errors for a higher SEO ranking in hopes it will  generate better leads and sales
  • Maybe it will offer third party listing services to help your site to rank hire
  •  Improve media tags (Google Rich Snippets)  to showcase (Price, Treatment Name & etc.) in the Google Search Results.
  • They should help you to increase targeted selected keywords ranking performance.

Give me more!

  • To help improve ranking and generate quality leads, there should be an offering to build a solid link building campaign as per the targeted keywords that users search for on your products or services
  • They should send you content optimizations ideas inline with the user’s search query.

You have to start somewhere! 

  • Before starting an SEO campaign they will need to benchmark your current site to its current listing positioning so you can see if the current strategy is improving your site rankings

Overall Strategy 

There are multiply ways of running a SEO campaign but the idea is to follow a set plan that will be put in motion for at least 30 days and can run as long as you have planned to spend. Some say you need at least 3 to 5 months but be sure you are reviewing the trends every 15 days with your SEO team. The investment is  in the SEO service of paying a team to make the necessary website and keyword changes so you don’t have to but like every responsible business owner you need to stay on top of your expense and investments so you can be sure your listing hire in page ranking from where you started.  You will need to invest in the SEO campaign but you need to understand your ROI (Return of Investment)  to be sure what you are investing is worth the amount of leads and sales it is generating. You can be ranked #1 but if no one wants those widgets it may be time to revaluate your business plan.

on 24 May, 2021

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